Linux Apps Available For Chrome

Google Chromebooks conventionally run the standard web-based applications, they also have the capability of connecting to Google Play Store and can seamlessly run Android apps. The new models, however, have recently gained the ability to run Linux apps as well. Linux, the free and open-source operating system even though with its not so friendly user interface is adored by many programmers across the globe. Read more on this in an article by JR Raphael in the COMPUTERWORLD.

International Space Station Supercomputer Now Available For Experiments

After successful installation of a supercomputer (with an Intel Broadwell processors) on the International Space Station, the company has announced the availability for earth-based developers for experimentations. The state of the art one teraflop computer was launched into space in  the summer of 2017 on a SpaceX rocket. Read more on this in an article by Ron Miller in TechCrunch.

U.S. Department of Defense Redaction Software Now Available

Focused on protecting content itself rather than the network, U.S. Department of Defense redaction software, WindTalker, is now being released to a wider legal market. The software offers encryptions, redacts on a micro-level, focusing on individual words, sentences and paragraphs rather than documents as a whole. That encryption moves with the document when it’s sent out, and the original creator of the document can control access permissions to sensitive information remotely automated privilege logs, document management and e-discovery providers about integration opportunities. Read more about this in the article by Zach Warren in LegalTechNews.

First Uncompressed Playout System Software Launched

As broadcasting and media industry steadily moves towards IP and software-centric environments, a completely IP and software-based uncompressed playout system is recently launched by Red Bee Media. The new platform claims to eliminate compressed video feeds, special purpose hardware or additional infrastructure that is costly to acquire and maintain.  The software offers the highest quality streams and flexible commercial models running on a hybrid cloud. Read more on this on in an article by Tim Dams in Broadcast.

Google Pixel Buds’ Superpower Revealed

Google’s Pixel Buds wowed the users with the reveal of its amazing superpower. In this new world where smart things are getting smarter, all the magic happens without having a visit from a technician or having to buy a new gear every-time. Continue reading “Google Pixel Buds’ Superpower Revealed”