Arteriosclerosis Early Detection Software Introduced

Arteriosclerosis which is considered as responsible for half of all deaths industrialized countries. It is mostly caused by unhealthy food and smoking etc. It is usually only discovered when it has already advanced and the only solution that is considered at that point is surgery. But it can be treated if detected at early ages. This underdevelopment project has successfully separated tumors from the healthy tissue through high-quality images. Read more about the software in the article by James Ives in News Medical.

Fetal Heart Exams Software Launched

Evaluating the fetal heart through ultrasound can be one of the most difficult exams to perform as the heart at this age beats at 150 times per minute and is no bigger than the size of an olive. Greggory DeVore, M.D. claims that the most incredible feature of the fetalHQ software is the ability to collect the size, shape, and function of the fetal heart in just two and a half minutes. Read more about the software in Diagnostics and Interventional Cardiology.

First Non-Cannabis Cannabidiol Drug Launched

Prescription drugs in now the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. According to the FDA, 2 million plus Americans suffer from serious pharmaceutical drug reactions annually and these reactions cause about 100,000 deaths. Continue reading “First Non-Cannabis Cannabidiol Drug Launched”

Largest Government Teaching Hospital Digitized

Princess Alexandra Hospital became digital ready as they successfully developed an integrated electronic medical record (iEMR) system, which is now a template for the rest of the state. Continue reading “Largest Government Teaching Hospital Digitized”