Google Home: New Language Added

Google home and Google Mini are now introduced in India and according to an estimate, Google Assistant usage has grown three times in the last 12 months. You can now effortlessly switch between English and another language when conversing with your additional in Google Home. Google Home aims to support seven Indic languages in the next few months. Read more on this in an article by HARISH JONNALAGADDA in androidcentral.

Best Cloud Gaming Software For Google Chrome

Users are allowed to play through web-browser by a fraction of currently available Cloud Gaming Software. Based on the cost, performance and accessibility RemoteMyApp’s second generation of streaming technology software Vortex is most popular among the cloud gamers and is advised as the best cloud based gaming software for google chrome. It is only $9.99 per month for about 100 hours of Cloud Gaming and provides instant play for a long list of games. Read more about this in an article by JJ Cabana in FLICKSTIQ.

International Space Station Supercomputer Now Available For Experiments

After successful installation of a supercomputer (with an Intel Broadwell processors) on the International Space Station, the company has announced the availability for earth-based developers for experimentations. The state of the art one teraflop computer was launched into space in  the summer of 2017 on a SpaceX rocket. Read more on this in an article by Ron Miller in TechCrunch.

Artificially Intelligent Business Software

Talking computers and robots that will one day take over the world comes to mind whenever artificial intelligence is discussed but that only happens in Hollywood AI is now opening great possibilities in manufacturing and other areas of business where the manual processes can now be effectively automated just like typing a question into Google and answers to the query would appear. Instead of being a bunch of transformers in your office with the installation of new AI-powered ERP Software now your systems would get more adept with each query in similarities and many other factors. Read more about this in an article by Tom McKeown in Forbes.

U.S. Department of Defense Redaction Software Now Available

Focused on protecting content itself rather than the network, U.S. Department of Defense redaction software, WindTalker, is now being released to a wider legal market. The software offers encryptions, redacts on a micro-level, focusing on individual words, sentences and paragraphs rather than documents as a whole. That encryption moves with the document when it’s sent out, and the original creator of the document can control access permissions to sensitive information remotely automated privilege logs, document management and e-discovery providers about integration opportunities. Read more about this in the article by Zach Warren in LegalTechNews.

Arteriosclerosis Early Detection Software Introduced

Arteriosclerosis which is considered as responsible for half of all deaths industrialized countries. It is mostly caused by unhealthy food and smoking etc. It is usually only discovered when it has already advanced and the only solution that is considered at that point is surgery. But it can be treated if detected at early ages. This underdevelopment project has successfully separated tumors from the healthy tissue through high-quality images. Read more about the software in the article by James Ives in News Medical.

First Uncompressed Playout System Software Launched

As broadcasting and media industry steadily moves towards IP and software-centric environments, a completely IP and software-based uncompressed playout system is recently launched by Red Bee Media. The new platform claims to eliminate compressed video feeds, special purpose hardware or additional infrastructure that is costly to acquire and maintain.  The software offers the highest quality streams and flexible commercial models running on a hybrid cloud. Read more on this on in an article by Tim Dams in Broadcast.

Fetal Heart Exams Software Launched

Evaluating the fetal heart through ultrasound can be one of the most difficult exams to perform as the heart at this age beats at 150 times per minute and is no bigger than the size of an olive. Greggory DeVore, M.D. claims that the most incredible feature of the fetalHQ software is the ability to collect the size, shape, and function of the fetal heart in just two and a half minutes. Read more about the software in Diagnostics and Interventional Cardiology.

Crypto Currency Cause of Global Warming

Cryptocurrency has become a phenomenon nowadays and there is a significant increase in its demand. Studies show that technologies have been adopted by the society to incorporate Bitcoin and because of which considerable difficulties are created with large electricity demands to run the heavy-duty hardware. Researchers have created scenarios to estimate the growth rate of its emission with respect to the incorporation of other technologies and the results are shocking. At the normal growth rate, the cumulative emission of Bitcoins would cause a 2°C increase in the earth’s temperature within 16 years. Read more about this in an article by Science Daily.

Leading IT Companies looking to hire

The change of rules for the US visas by Donald Trump last year badly impacted all the industries especially the IT sector, which is the biggest market for the IT companies. As a result, more than 56,000 employees were laid off. However, this year the IT sector has turned a corner, and leading IT companies are looking to hire till March 2019.


According to Experis IT Employment Outlook Survey, that covered about 550 IT companies, a positive net employment of 53% has been observed and higher hiring intentions by IT organizations with over 500 employees for the upcoming two quarters have been reported.


Manmeent Singh, President at Experis India, stated that more IT jobs were being created and the IT hiring should pick up by March 2019 and that the Non-IT companies may play a vital role. Read more on Business Today.