Google Home: New Language Added

Google home and Google Mini are now introduced in India and according to an estimate, Google Assistant usage has grown three times in the last 12 months. You can now effortlessly switch between English and another language when conversing with your additional in Google Home. Google Home aims to support seven Indic languages in the next few months. Read more on this in an article by HARISH JONNALAGADDA in androidcentral.

Best Cloud Gaming Software For Google Chrome

Users are allowed to play through web-browser by a fraction of currently available Cloud Gaming Software. Based on the cost, performance and accessibility RemoteMyApp’s second generation of streaming technology software Vortex is most popular among the cloud gamers and is advised as the best cloud based gaming software for google chrome. It is only $9.99 per month for about 100 hours of Cloud Gaming and provides instant play for a long list of games. Read more about this in an article by JJ Cabana in FLICKSTIQ.

Download iOS 12: Free Latest Version, Features & Updates

Apple unveiled the most anticipated update iOS-12 with a series of interesting features like Grouped Notification and FaceTime with up to 32 participants. iOS-12 public beta 3 is available today and with this update, Apple aims to make its mobile operating system more reliable competing with Google’s Android. Although it isn’t the biggest software update there is something in it for you whether you are downloading public or developer’s version, caution is advised. But the best part is iOS-12 is free to download, whether you wait for September or download it today. Read more about this in the article by Matt Swider in techradar.

Largest Government Teaching Hospital Digitized

Princess Alexandra Hospital became digital ready as they successfully developed an integrated electronic medical record (iEMR) system, which is now a template for the rest of the state. Continue reading “Largest Government Teaching Hospital Digitized”

Google Pixel Buds’ Superpower Revealed

Google’s Pixel Buds wowed the users with the reveal of its amazing superpower. In this new world where smart things are getting smarter, all the magic happens without having a visit from a technician or having to buy a new gear every-time. Continue reading “Google Pixel Buds’ Superpower Revealed”